In Loving Memory, 2018 0.8°C
Public intervention, Groningen | with support from: Stichting sign, Mondriaan Fonds, Groningen Gementee, Kunstraad Groningen | December 2nd, 2018
A large cache of archaeological objects were uncovered in the transeuropa flood plain. The artefacts uncovered offer an unprecedented look into the life of the human race in 2018, prior to the great cataclysms that we have witnessed in the last few decades. Particularly the profound obsession with objects created from the industrial processing of complex carbon chain polymers, ‘plastics’ – an industry that was a key factor in heavily increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It would seem this material afforded these peoples great luxury and the accumulation of personal wealth in a horrendously stratified society. These quotidian objects have survived extreme climate changes. What would have been waste for them, now offers us a glimpse into their perplexing culture. Ultimately, these factors led to their demise. In loving memory of 2018 we will come together at the Ebbingekwartier of Groningen to remember the Earth at a time when it was only 0.8°C above the norm.

In collaboration with Ryan Cherewaty.

Printed Invitation flyers for the memorial