The Drones made Honey in the Lion’s Skull
Video installation | 2017
On Feb. 21, 2010, a con­voy of vehicles car­ry­ing ci­vil­ians headed down a moun­tain in cent­ral Afgh­anistan. Amer­ic­an eyes were watch­ing. For more than four hours, the U.S. mil­it­ary — in­clud­ing a Pred­at­or drone crew in Nevada, video screen­ers in Flor­ida, an AC-130 air­plane crew in the sky and an Amer­ic­an spe­cial op­er­a­tions unit on the ground nearby — tracked the con­voy, try­ing to de­cide wheth­er it was friend or foe.

The language of this transcript displays the tacit disregard these US military personnel have for human life. The drone program places a critical distance between the pilots and their victims that re-enforces dehumanization.

This is a visual response to the the of­fi­cial U.S. mil­it­ary tran­script of the ra­dio trans­mis­sions and cock­pit con­ver­sa­tions that day, ob­tained by the Los Angeles Times through a Free­dom of In­form­a­tion Act re­quest.

This video was made in collaboration with Ryan Cherewaty and exhibited at:

La générale, Paris – October 2017

Plan D, Zagreb – September 2017