Ripples – NOOR
Photography Exhibition | November 2022
Graphic design for photography exhibition in the Atelier Néerlandais in Paris. Ripples features visual work from the 12 members of the agency to create an accessible space in which the complex connections between the many functions and interpretations of this essential element in human life, its role in varying cultures, its impacts on our lives and livelihoods, and its fragility in the face of the climate crisis and human activities are laid bare.

Developed by Samira Damato and Stefano Carini for NOOR Images

Photographers: Tanya Habjouqa | Kadir van Lohuizen | Sanne De Wilde | Olga Kravets | Pep Bonet | Andrea Bruce | Sebastian Liste | Stanley Greene | Bénédicte Kurzen | Yuri Kozyrev | Jon Lowenstein | Alixandra Fazzina | Francesco Zizola