TGC #3
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The Tetra Gamma Circulaire #3 (TGC #3) - the unknown audio magazine, was produced in collaboration with De Player and fellow students of the Piet Zwart Institute, as part of our Experimental Publishing programme of the Media Design Master, named XPUB. TGC #3 is a specialised publishing platform engineered for sonic experiments, instruments, and installations as a kind of a jukebox. Made of a concrete body, an internal stand alone wifi station enables the user to get access to the content of this floppydisk magazine.

My contribution to the floppy library was made of three sound experiments named Drone Oddity:

Drone Oddity #1 A score composed from the structure of the ‘Watchlisting Guidance’ document (the National Counterterrorism Center) using Pure Data.
Drone Oddity #2 Transcripts from the midst of a U.S. drone attack (from the LA Times) with a unique AI voice for each role.
Drone Oddity #3 A computed monotone voice reads the detail of attacks by NATO forces/predators in Afghanistan.

First read how to kill, then witness the killing and finally observe the results of the killings for an uneasy listening.

The students floppy projects can be found here.

Riso printed flyers for the night of the Event

A gif I made for the landing page of the local wifi station.